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John Smith US Senator As a political candidate, Mike Pons for Congress has my full endorsement. I believe in his platform and his dedication to fighting for our freedoms. Let's elect Mike to Congress and make a real change for our country.
Jane Doe Entrepreneur I fully support Mike Pons for Congress. As a fellow entrepreneur, I know that Mike understands the struggles of small business owners and will work tirelessly to support them. Vote for Mike and let's make our voices heard.
Bob Johnson Community Leader I have worked closely with Mike Pons for years and I can say without a doubt that he is the right person to represent us in Congress. He has a proven track record of fighting for our freedoms and I trust him to continue that fight in Washington.
Sarah Lee Activist As an activist, I have seen firsthand the importance of having strong leaders in Congress who will fight for our rights. Mike Pons is one of those leaders and I urge everyone to vote for him come election day.
Tom Jackson Council Member Mike Pons is the candidate we need to represent us in Congress. He is dedicated to fighting for our freedoms and will work tirelessly to make sure our voices are heard. Join me in supporting Mike Pons for Congress.
Karen Brown Teacher As a teacher, I believe in the power of education and the importance of investing in our schools. Mike Pons shares that belief and I know he will work to make sure our children receive the education they deserve. Vote for Mike!

Mike Pons is your America First candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives District 11 GA in the Republican Primary. Our country is in crisis and we need to save our republic now. Mike Pons is a retired airline captain who is upset at the the direction our leadership has taken our country. Running for political office has never been in my plans. But witnessing the managed and accelerated decline of the United States is unacceptable. 

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