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The #1 priority of government is to protect it’s citizens. This is warfare through invasion at our southern border. Today drug and human trafficking cartels our border. Over 10 million people, from over 100 countries have crossed the southern border since 2021, nearly tripling the amount of illegals in this country in just three short years. Customs and Border Patrol have become travel agents for anyone crossing the border who claims asylum, and then ask them what city they would like to travel to. Then migrants get a court date to appear seven years later. Migrant families get $4,000/month, free medical care and their kids get a free education. At the same time Americans on Social Security get less than $3,000/month and our veterans are sleeping in the streets.

Our once-great cities are in rapid decline due to increasing migrant crime rates, caring for migrants, and draining scarce resources from hard working Americans. We are not safe from the foreign invaders.

Taxation through inflation! The Congressional spending policies (the hidden tax) are the primary causes of our inflation.

Here is the formula, spend + borrow + print = inflation.

Politicians love inflation. It enables them to buy votes for those special interest groups, and industries that contribute to their campaigns that insures their success come election time.. The gap spread between inflation and income are continuously unstainable. The starting salaries for teachers and police officers are around $52,000. That was good enough four years ago, but the American Dream is vanishing quickly. Government spending is out of control and is killing us financially. 

Our current Federal budget is running a 40% deficit. The Federal Govt. takes in 5 trillion/yr and yet spends 7 trillion/yr. This is unstainable. For every deficit dollar spent, we grow the Administrative State, aka. the 4th Branch of Govt. That is every one of the over 150 three letter governmental agencies that dominates every aspect of our lives. The more deficit spending, the bigger government grows, and the more control they have over our lives. Our biggest expense as a nation is servicing our debt, which is 20% of Federal income. There are may agencies we can eliminate, or reduce in size. I'd start with the so called experts of the Dept. of Education. Get us out of the United Nations (H.R. 6645and S 3428), NATO and every Non Governmental Organization that we fund. Start with balancing the budget.believes that 
ENVIRONMENT Protecting our environment is essential for the future of our planet. Mike Pons will work to create policies that promote sustainability and protect our natural resources.
DIVERSITY America is a nation of immigrants and diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Mike Pons believes in promoting diversity and creating policies that ensure everyone is treated with respect and dignity.
BUSINESS Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Mike Pons will work to create policies that promote entrepreneurship and support small businesses in their growth and success.

Mike Pons is your America First candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives District 11 GA in the Republican Primary. Our country is in crisis and we need to save our republic now. Mike Pons is a retired airline captain who is upset at the the direction our leadership has taken our country. Running for political office has never been in my plans. But witnessing the managed and accelerated decline of the United States is unacceptable. 

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